Beeswax Roll Honeycomb

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1 x honeycomb roll (Dimensions - 30.5 x 90cm)

Beeswax Wraps is a natural way to wrap food with natural ingredients provided by nature. The wraps are handcrafted in Vietnam with 100% natural safe ingredients. It can be cleaned easily and reused multiple times and biodegradable. A great alternative to Cling film and tinfoil!

* Organic Cotton infused with Beeswax
* 100% natural, organic and plastic free
* A sustainable alternative to single use cling film and aluminum foil
* Naturally anti-bacterial
* Reusable for up to a year
* Easy to clean - handwashable
* Biodegradable & compostable
* Perfect Way to keep food fresh in pantry, fridge or freezer

Care instructions

* Handwash with cold water
*Not Microwave or dishwasher friendly

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