Vegan Roll Green Leaves

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1 x vegan roll (Dimensions - 30.5 x 90cm)

Vegan Wax Rolls are the first of its kind globally! Its a natural way to wrap food with vegan friendly natural ingredients. The main ingredient is Candelilla Wax produced in South America. It can be cleaned easily and reused multiple times and biodegradable. A great alternative to Cling film and tinfoil!

* 100% vegan materials: organic cotton, soy wax, candelilla wax, tree resin and coconut oil.
* A vegan and plastic free alternative to single use cling film and aluminum foil
* Reusable for up to a year
* Easy to clean - handwashable
* Biodegradable & compostable
* Plastic free

Care instructions

* Handwash with cold water
*Not Microwave or dishwasher friendly

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