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Welcome to a new generation of saving the planet, Ecoffee Cup teams up with Wanderland, a playful meeting place where South African women who are designers, artists and creatives translate their art into

beautiful products like this magnificent reusable cup.

Faatimah Mohamed-Luke’s ‘Mother Tongue’ is inspired by the knowledge we learn outside of our formal education. The knowledge taught through storytelling and narratives that have passed through lineages over centuries. Knowledge that takes the form of a visual language, present around us in everyday items and ceremonial traditions. Knowledge that is older and yet still very relevant. The addition of this ancient knowledge comes in the form of patterns and symbolism. Within these pieces, the symbols have been deconstructed so that we may relearn and examine the meanings and messages behind each symbol and colour combination. Within the pattern and between the pattern I have created an openness and open-mindedness between our cultures. My hope is that in sharing and learning our newfound collective knowledge, we will create a rich and more accurate global history. This understanding of the past and present should ultimately create admiration and respect for our uniqueness.

Each year, 100 billion single-use coffee cups end up as landfill. That’s why we created this 14oz Wanderland Ecoffee Cup, an environmentally responsible reusable made with natural bamboo fiber – one of the world’s most sustainable resources. It’s BPA and phthalate free and at just 160g, it’s light, sturdy and fully dishwasher safe. It also has a resealable ‘no-drip’ lid. Ecoffee Cup. Have Fun. Do Good. Not suitable for microwave.

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