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At Dopper, we have a dream: Crystal clear water. In every ocean. From every tap. Water is absolutely necessary to survive. And yet, every year, eight million tons of plastic end up in our oceans. 


Dopper wants to turn the tide on plastic by offering funky reusable water bottles. Available in several designs.


By purchasing a Dopper bottle you will save up to 40 single-use bottles per year! You will also be contributing towards the Dopper foundation, which invests in clean water initiatives and reducing plastic waste. Together with employees all over the world our PET Free movement is striving to make a PET water bottle free work space the new standard


Locally Dopper SA are partnering with organisations such as WWF, Endangered Wildlife Trust and Clean C.


Follow our events and social media pages closely to see to see when Dopper’s next beach clean-up or event is!

Metal dopper water bottle on the beach


Very few people know it, but last year marked the somewhat dubious 30thanniversary: the birth of the modern single-use ‘paper’ cup. In three short decades, we estimate that over 3 trillion of them have ended up in landfill


Ecoffee Cup is made with natural fibre, corn start and resin it’s BPA, BPS and phthalate free. The lid and sleeve are made with matte, food-grade silicone which is latex-free and designed especially for hot liquid. It has a re-seable ‘no-drip’ lid, making it perfect to take with you everywhere you go. The whole product (cup, lid and sleeve) is dishwasher safe and should last for years if treated nicely.


Every time you use your Ecoffee Cup you’re helping make a tiny dent in the 100 billion single-use cups that go to landfill each year! But imagine if we all did it? It could really add up to a lot of cups per day – and even more per year. So with the powers of social media to help us in our quest to raise awareness – and effect some real change in the way people drink their takeaway coffee – we’re seeking your help to spread the word.


All we ask is that when you use your Ecoffee Cup (and feel inclined) simply add the #stopthe100billion hashtag each time you pop a picture on Instagram, Facebook or even shoot a video.

Bright blue ecoffee cup on metal table
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